Demand for asset based finance surges by 14 per cent

It is now the fastest growing strategy for generating working capital

Using asset based finance, particularly invoice finance, to raise much-needed working capital has, in the past, been viewed as a strategy employed mainly by start-up businesses and SME companies.  Now, however, it appears all that is changing and recent data indicates that more and more of the UK’s largest companies are now funding their working capital requirements via asset based finance programmes.

As one of the driving forces of this valuable fund-raising process, BlueStorm is in a prime position to assist companies of all sizes: from start-ups to the largest multi-million-pound organisations obtain the most benefit from this attractive proposition.

A recent report indicates that working capital generated via asset-based funding, whether this is against invoices or other commercial assets, leapt from £19.3bn this time last year to a staggering £21.3bn.  Perhaps even more significant is the fact that UK businesses with a turnover of over £100m showed a 23 per cent increase in the use of asset-backed financing between Q1 2016 – 2017.

What has been most interesting is that despite this huge growth in interest there are still many companies, particularly start-ups and SMEs, who do not fully understand the workings and the considerable benefits of utilising asset-based finance to generate working capital.

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