Invoice Discounting

Any business can struggle with cashflow should the invoices it issues to its business customers be outstanding.  It is one thing to gain new contracts but if payment isn’t received promptly then the burden of wages, utilities and overheads can be crippling.  An overdraft from the bank may assist in the short term but can be taken away should difficulties ensue.

This is where invoice finance is a possible solution. Invoice Discounting releases the cash tied up in businesses invoices which are not due for payment for thirty or sixty days, maybe even longer. Not to mention late payments!  It is confidential as the business retains control of its administration.

Invoice discounting is a non-disclosed funding only facility.  Your business customer will not be made aware that an invoice factor is involved.  You will be responsible for credit management.

Invoice discounting can give you up to 90% of your outstanding invoice value within 24 hours of the work being completed or goods delivered and invoice issued, with the remainder being repaid to you when your customer has paid, minus a charge for the service. This gives you the ability to order more supplies, pay your staff or invest in equipment for your business sooner.

There are specific types of finance available for import and export businesses.

With our whole of market position, from High Street Clearing Banks through to the specialist lenders, we can put together the package that is right for your business. By following our proven procedure, we will be able to provide you with a comparison of the best rates and terms so you can make an informed decision that best matches your business finance needs.

Because we are independent, using BlueStorm to negotiate your finance requirements with the whole of the market not only might we save you money but also time.  Leaving you to do what you do best… your business.

Our Challenge to you;

If you already have invoice finance in place but are unhappy with either the service you are getting or the cost of the facility then let us undertake a review.  The result will either be improved terms or satisfaction in knowing that you already have the most appropriate facility.

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