Loans & Cash Advances

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If your business operates in business to consumer sales obtaining the working capital you need to run your business can be challenging. If your business operates card terminals, and you collect credit and debit card payments you could secure a business loan secured on the future receipts of your card terminal. Your business will receive an agreed cash lump sump, and is repaid by agreeing a fixed percentage of future card receipts. This is great for businesses as the loan repayments perfectly match the cash flow of your business. Funds can be used for a variety of business reasons including investing in stock, new equipment, refurbishment or cash for season trading. Some of the sectors supported:

  • Retail including online
  • Hospitality – Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Car garages
  • Professionals – Vets and Dentists

To discuss your business cash advance